Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Been A Good Year For The Balls

Every year about this time, the Rockets management throws us a party to thank us for working the previous year, and to get us excited about the upcoming year. It's always an enjoyable time to hang out with the crew on a social level and be thankful that we are all still around.
I believe this would be the fifth or sixth year but who is counting.
During the party, there are raffle prizes and the evening culminates with handing out a couple of team signed balls. As with most contests, the best prizes are at the end and in the previous years, if my number was called it was called early. While I never expect anything, it's a nice bonus.
This year my number came up last!
It is nice to know that Jabulani won't be lonely and as homesick for South Africa now!

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  1. Yeah, we have some pretty little nieces, don't we? Oh, and the ball thing was interesting.