Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Bon Voyage to the Intern

Ah interns, so full of life, happy to have something to do, so idealistic, and at times, some of the most talented people in the room.
Today marks the end of Mallory Roberts' internship with the Houston Astros. I've seen many interns over the course of 16 years with the Astros, some I remember, most who just moved on never to be heard of again.
When I walked into the control room on Monday, I was in a foul mood because of a parking situation. Without getting into the details, let's just say if you are trying to park in Lot C, you better have a current parking pass with the correct date on it. We pick up our parking passes usually at the end of the month for the following month. Since the Astros were on a long road trip, we got our passes on Monday which happened to be the beginning of the month.
This is what my envelope looked liked. Mallory had taken the time to personalize most of the crew's envelopes and was more than clever about it. Consider that Brian Hoisier's (pronounced Hoe-Sure) envelope had a picture of Brian the dog from Family Guy, a garden hoe, and a bottle of Sure antiperspirant.
So Mallory's efforts made me laugh, feel better about the parking jerks, and generally made the show that night better than it would have been had she not been around.
Isn't that one of the best thing an intern can do? Not to say that her work on graphics and other duties she  had while at the Astros weren't just as important!
So we bid farewell to you Mallory, wish you the best in Atlanta at Turner, and know you are embarking on a very successful and long career! Fair winds to you!!

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