Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Gathering - Austin

It's early in the year so it must be time for the "gathering". Yes, this is a direct reference to the movie "Highlander" but it seems appropriate for this event. Every year at this time, editors from around the country, and a few from beyond our borders, convene at one location to talk and learn about their craft.
The Master Editor's Retreat takes place in Austin this year starting tomorrow.
I have attended three times before and it's certainly one of my favorite things to do. We spend the day considering advancements in technology, software, and compression techniques, and wind the evenings down considering artistic and esoteric considerations in storytelling.
I'm always recharged after the retreat about being an editor and spending time with my fellow artists shows me the possibilities that are out there.
The dual nature of my career, directing/technical directing and editing, is not so strange. I think of directing as live editing and still try to find the right shot, framing, duration, and flow along the way. Plus, there are nearly as many revisions in live television.
As most of my editing is done alone, and all of my live work is with a large group, it's a nice mixture between the roar of the crowd and the quiet solitude and reflective nature of post production.
So stay tuned and wait to hear more on what the future holds courtesy of the 2012 Master Editor's Retreat!

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