Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few Words About The Trophy Tour

I went to see the World Cup. I had built it up in my mind as being something maybe more than it is. It's a trophy for winning the world's greatest sporting event's a trophy. My feelings were, I'm going to spend a lot of time working in South Africa, all of the matches, so I felt that it was important to see this "holy grail" and possibly catch the fever for the cup or at least a little respect for the athletes competing.
Did I mention it's a trophy?
Sean and I headed over to the University of Houston where the Tour event took place, we stood in line for almost an hour to get into the grounds and then almost two an a half hours to actually get into the tent where the trophy was.
You were supposed to get your picture taken with it, but the organizers (Coca Cola) were so overwhelmed by the turnout, by the time we were in, no pictures were being taken and they pretty much just shoved you past the display.
We did get to see Zumaki although he was being rushed around the grounds as well.
So in retrospect, I say, "Enjoy your World Cup, and enjoy it with a Pepsi!!!".

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