Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome Home, Well at least for 42 Days

Hello from South Africa! After a very long flight through London, I landed last night at 9:00 PM and got to the hotel around midnight.
I’ve got a schedule for the first week and it looks like we will be very busy with rehearsals and technical sessions including a practice game. More on that to follow in the upcoming days.
The maxi-shower lived up to it’s billing and I may spend long sessions in a hot shower. Also, my first Skype went through to Sean. I will be glad that we can talk on a daily basis as I didn’t get everything taken care of before I left.
So it’s off to the IBC (International Broadcast Center) which is right next to Soccer City, the stadium hosting the first and final games of the 2010 World Cup.
There will be a more entertaining and coherent post this evening after I get a little more sleep!

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