Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning IBC

Scott sez, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel,". Always. But remember, don't go into the light Carol Ann.
We are all starting to cope and have reached the halfway mark. A few days ago, I mentioned having things around you that make you feel comfortable. There's also the aspect of a routine that can help you. I clean up my hotel room in the morning so that when I finally roll in, everything is in it's place.
Today at the IBC, I saw a little group of ours having coffee and enjoying the sunshine before the seven or eight hours in the control room. We all need a little more vitamin D I suspect.
I figure that being here in the "winter" is a little like San Diego. It's blue skies and sunshine and hasn't rained since we've been here. Okay, it's not like San Diego at all.
I talked with a janitor last night and he was upset that the South African team was eliminated but had high hopes for Ghana. We do tend to stay with our continent when it comes to favorites.
One other thing is that editors tend to like editors. There is a language to cutting and when we get together and start talking, it usually drifts to techniques and tricks.
There are a number of editors on site here and they are doing some incredible work. I get to see the features they are cutting about South Africa and some of them are great.
Editing is just editing and although there are three suites that are enclosed, there is one suite situated in a main office with lots of desks.

She just works away all day with the headphones on making the magic behind the pixels.
Today's picks include the USA over Algeria, England ties Slovenia, Serbia gives Australia another lost, and Germany wins against Ghana. Poor, poor Ghana.

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