Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

It's a beautiful morning here in Johannesburg, the sun is shining and it's not too windy.  The pre-game has started and the announcers are showing pictures of their kids.
Several people have asked me if I have kids, it's odd for me because I usually don't get that question. I'm sure because today is Father's Day and I'm with a lot of people that don't know me that well, it's a reasonable question.
I think I'll talk about my Dad today! I am fortunate enough to be in South Africa today probably because of the lessons my father taught me. Always an extremely hard worker, he taught me the value and merits of doing your best and that the rewards would come.
Treat people fair and most likely, they will return the favor. And probably the most important lesson he gave me was, when you are faced with challenges, look at them as opportunities to better yourself.
As an orphan, he came from the school of hard knocks and overcame his disadvantages to become a great man and role model.
I thank you for the lessons and am very proud of you! Enjoy the day!
On a more serious note: Paraguay over Slovakia, Italy beats  New Zealand, and Brazil wins over Ivory Coast.
Some days are diamonds, some days the audio board isn't happy.

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