Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time Compression

Today marks the third Saturday in South Africa. When you are working like we are here, time really has no meaning. You lose track of what day it is, and time seems to just flow, sometimes faster, most of the time slower.
Luckily, now the routine is set. Eat, work, sleep. Last night was Friday night and seemed like something to look forward to. But, when you are working Saturday and Sunday, and have a heavier schedule with additional programming on the network during the weekend, the day's just another day.
I watched most of "Alpha Dogs" last night at the hotel. I didn't mean to stay up watching a movie, but it caught my eye and I certainly didn't want to watch the replay of the England game.
So just as when I got booked to work the World Cup in January of 2009 and it seemed like such a long time away, I know as we near July 13, my day to start traveling home, it will approach with increasing speed.
The key is to enjoy the time and the experience while you are in the moment. It's hard to do sometimes but I know eventually, I'll look back fondly for having been here.
Today's picks are the Netherlands over Japan, Ghana over Australia, and Cameroon over Denmark.
The streets are fairly empty at 1:20 AM on the way home.

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