Monday, June 28, 2010

Round of Sixteen, Repeat Again

Repetition, recurrence, reiteration, and reproduction. Let's do it again today.  There's nothing new about today, it's a return to yesterday and the day before, and the day before.
The round of sixteen gets cut to eight after tomorrow night, and although each match is do or die for the teams, for us, it's another two games, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
The repetition has become routine. 
The weather has changed into a cloudy, brisk morning and I'm sure it will be very cold this evening. One morning before the warm days were upon us, there was ice in the fountain in front of the IBC.
Main decisions are do we have the stir fry beef or stay with the chicken today. I've taken to drinking hot tea in the morning instead of coffee.
There was an outbreak of photo taking in the studio today and everyone seems a little more relaxed since a short day is just one more day away. More on that in the next few posts. 
A personal note of thanks to Kevin for providing me with his "Crosscut" CD which I got to listen to in it's entirety this morning.
Here's a random shot of the satellite farm on the edge of the compound. I guess it could be worse spending six or more weeks out by your satellite dish.
Today's picks have the Netherlands beating Slovakia just because I like that all of their fans wear orange and that reminds me of the Dynamo.
The evening game pits Brazil against Chile. Unfortunately Brazil will win this game but because the Chile flag looks almost identical to the Texas flag, I'm rooting for Chile. Let me be clear, Brazil wins. Dang!

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