Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Again?

I forgot to use an analogy I had for working a job like this the other day. I think my long distance cycling over the years, prepared me for the work. The same would be true if I ran marathons.
There is a mental toughness you have to develop to live in a hotel for the length we do, be away from all the things you care about, and essentially do the same thing day after day.
When I was on the bike for seven days in a row, after the first 20 miles on day three, you had to just keep moving forward.
Little things like an iPod, or your favorite movie on your hard drive makes the free time you do have more comfortable.
In 2002, when I was in El Salvador for a month, I found an escape in a couple of albums by Incubus. I'll always connect that band with that trip. I've yet to connect any one band on this trip yet, but Dave Mathews is running in first place right now, partly because I believe he's from here.
Today is the last day we have three games in three different time slots. Tomorrow moves to four games a day with two running at the same time. After eight more days, there's a couple of rest days for the tournament, but we will still be working on the evening show and preparing for the quarter finals.
The teams should be playing more all out soccer and that should be more entertaining as well.
There's no doubt that this is a world-wide event. Here's a shot of the Master Control room that distributes the signals from the remotes to the International Broadcast Center (IBC).
Oddly enough, the girl in the foreground was watching an Angelina Jolie movie on her laptop.
I understand, I understand.