Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chilly at Last

So the weather has finally changed and I got to get my big coat out today. It's been in the 60's during the day and quite comfortable but last night a front blew in and this morning it's in the low 40's.
The week finally caught up with me and there were several times yesterday when I was struggling to stay awake during the day.
We got out a little early last night and didn't have to be in until 11AM this morning but I still find myself waking up around 8AM.
The big news on Skynews out of London is that there is pressure to ban the vuvelas (the horns the fans blow) because it's annoying both the players, fans, and viewers of the matches. If you've watched at home, there's a underlying noise that sounds like a hornet's nest, a constant blaring.
Of course the British also put a spin about the health risks as a lot of spit eventually comes out the other end. This will certainly be on the top of my list to follow. I figure I should go ahead and buy a few before they become collector's items.
I'll be tallying my score card later this afternoon and have a reporting of my World Cup picks to this point.
Today is an easy one...Slovakia over New Zealand, Brazil over North Korea, and Portugal over the Ivory Coast. I've learned that being sentimental to the African teams, i.e. Ivory Coast, is not going to get me many victories.


  1. Copy Edit: vuvu[z]ela

  2. Tomatoe or tomato... I think I used the British spelling while in South Africa