Friday, June 25, 2010

The End of Splits

Today marks the end of split feeds, one out of the main control room and one out of the mini. Only two days a game after today. There is great rejoicing in the tape room
Rather than think about that, I thought it'd be nice to talk about technology. It's odd to know that I knew Landon Donovan had scored his goal exactly seven seconds before those of you watching at home did.
Considering that there are roughly 10,000 miles between us right now, that's not much of a delay. We of course were yelling on headsets, and back in Miami where the signals are received, they complained because we ruined the surprise for them.
Last night I got to talk to Sean and Lily and Josie and Woody on the Skype. The delay is even less which is remarkable. So being this far from home, how do you find something that you can connect with that has no delay?
It's the moon! Now, being the romantic that I am, I know the moon has had much significance in movies and literature, but I know that if I look up at night and Sean looks up, we are looking at the same object at exactly the same time. There is comfort in that!
I've been paying a lot of attention to the moon. Just as the days are sunny and clear, the night sky intrigues me because I don't recognize the constellations. I have spotted the Southern Cross.
Also the moon going through its' phases means that time IS moving. A visible change. I could have torn pages from a daily calendar, but the moon is my friend and as it gets larger or smaller, I know that it's doing exactly the same thing in Texas!

Okay enough of my silly ramblings, meet Zamile Tiwani or better known as Zama to his friends. He has been one of our escorts and is much like most of the people we have met here, happy, gracious, full of life, and generous.
If you look closely, you'll notice he has a Texas flag lapel pin on his jacket. He sometimes tells people now that he is also from Texas.
Today's picks are Brazil, Chile, Ivory Coast, and Switzerland as winners!

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