Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Round of 16 Ends Today

Well after today, it's down to the final 8 teams competing for the World Cup. There has been a ton of controversy during the matches and here at Univision, to keep the fans up on all the news, a special graphic was created to demonstrate the goal line during the England-Germany game.
It clearly shows that England did not score as has been widely reported in replays.
Also, I saw this morning in the paper that the stadium showed the replay and got the fans in the stadium upset.
Looks like Mark and I might have a future in the 2014 games in Brazil.
Instant replay in the future... I'll leave that up to you.
To make matters worse, apparently the hotel staff where the English players were staying stole money, jerseys and underwear. It was reported that the hotel workers homes were searched and all the items were recovered.
The guilty received 3 years in prison and an $800 fine. Welcome to the mean streets of Pretoria.
Most of the crew is looking forward to either a day off or a short day tomorrow. The studio crew has to come in to work Contacto Deportivo so no safaris for us but we won't have to be in until 5PM so my hope is a trip to Mandela Square or somewhere interesting tomorrow.
I mentioned the spontaneous photo taking yesterday in the studio. Here's a few of the snapshots that were taken. Art demonstrates Hollands' offense against Stig's Slovakian defense.

There's always a bit of time for clowning about! Today my picks include Paraquay over Japan and in the evening match, I've got 10 rand riding on the fact that Ronaldo will lead Portugal over Spain. Viva Ronaldo!!
If that does indeed happen, tomorrow I will post the picture that I took with Ronaldo!

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