Friday, June 18, 2010

Las Differencias

Considering the differences between the United States and other places, it really comes down to two things. Shoes and blue jeans.
Without a doubt, Levi Strauss makes the best blue jeans in the world. You may or may not remember after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that jeans where going for around $100 a pair or more. At one point you could even sell your old jeans to be recycled.
Shoes are a little bit different. It mostly has to do with style and as Nike and Adidas are global brands, there aren't that many differences in tennis shoes.
It's the other class, the casual shoe, that there are a vast variety of styles and shapes. Maybe I have too much time to consider these things on the road, but I check out German and Brazilian shoes and I'm a little bit envious. Maybe I can order a pair online.
This morning the van got stopped for a "safety" check. It's a random roadblock where the police talk to the driver, documents are either produced or not, and you either get on your way or not.
It was about 3 minutes in total but I mention it only as an aside to how things are different here.
Easy picks for the teams today: Germany over Serbia, United States over Slovenia, and England over Algeria. My hope is that the U.S. can do what the Mexicans did and create a little more excitement within the studio.
Lastly, you may ask, "How do you get 23 people in a 22 person van?". It's simple, put the little people on the floor.
Meet Alba from Dublin, Ireland, who provides the scenics look on the set. Cheerful, happy, and a Spain supporter all the way!

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  1. I the "little person" is a cute Spanish woman that lives in Dublin, she is welcome to sit on my lap. }:-D