Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tape Guys Are Nice People...Sometimes

We are tribal in nature, television people. Moving from city to city and job to job, we go where we are needed. It's currently day seven already!
The tape room here at the IBC is nice, has a bit of room to move around, and the crack team of Zach, Scott, and Fernando to keep things in check.
When I need a little pick me up, I head to the tape room. A new joke, an old horror story, all can be found in the tape room.
We are still in rehearsals, but the games start in just a few days. I will try to provide analysis as the tournament progresses.
This photo above was taken from the crew bus on the way to the IBC. Because of a traffic jam, we actually got to ride around the outskirts of Soweto. It is a third world city and you can see a very small tent city on the way to work everyday. We will find out very shortly what traffic will be like when there is a game at Soccer City. I have the feeling we will not be pleased.

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