Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Day in Zululand

Well I called the USA win correctly, who would have thought that it would take 91 minutes for them to score and eventually end up in first place in their group.
This is one interesting aspect of the way the tournament functions. The US had to win to advance to the next round or England had to lose or tie. For the last two days, and the next two days, there are four games and they run at the same time, 4:00 and 8:30 PM. We are airing one game on Univision and one on Telefutura, the sister network.
I of course worked the England game but the way the mini-control room is set, we could see a monitor that had the USA game on it through a window.
We were cheering trying our best to get Slovenia to at least score. They had been leading the group going into yesterday.
When the US finally scored, there was a roar from the big bullpen room outside our door and the US team went from being out of it to leading the group. It was a lot of fun. I'm sure all of the American networks, Univision and ESPN are glad as there will be another big match in a few days. After all, ratings, ratings, ratings! So two more days of the splits and then we are on easy street.
Don't let his casual appearance fool you, engineer Mike was very interested in the England game.
As most of the engineering staff is split between Australia and Britian, having England advance sustains the harmony in that department!
Today's picks are Italy, Paraguay, the Netherlands, and Denmark as winners. Sorry Japan, you go out today.

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