Sunday, June 13, 2010

Please Pass on the Left

Good afternoon from Johannesburg! I'm a little late posting today because we've had a busy morning but my picks today include Algeria, Ghana, and Germany.
Since we drive on the right side of the road and most of the rest of the world drives on the left, interesting things happen when you meet people in the hall.
We tend to slide to the right, everyone else slides to the left, you end up doing the jig back and forth. Just an interesting aside from the bottom of the world.
We are now falling into a routine, day in and day out, and I made the mistake of looking at the calender and remembering I only have five more weeks! We will end this week (working all seven days) with about 104 hours. Divide by seven, you get the idea.
In the morning I'll give you a little more info on how my picks are going.

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