Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eating and Transportation

I seem to have several themes that run through the blog and eating is one of them. I wasn't really sure what I was expecting before I got here, but the fact that you eat lunch and dinner in the same place for over a month, and breakfast in the hotel for over a month, makes eating pretty boring.
I'm not snacking a lot between meals, so I think I'm losing weight. Not a bad side effect of being bored with the selections.
Today though, I spied something I think Sean would love and I may just have to try it. Tomato flavored Fritos. Who knew they made such a thing!
Another interesting situation is moving people back and forth everyday from the hotel to the IBC. There are also field units staying at the hotel and they have their own armada of vans, along with crews working a second location called Melrose Arch somewhere downtown.
Logistically a nightmare, there are scheduled bus runs for the media and they are spot on. The mornings are pretty good, leaving at the end of the night is more difficult. The buses have stopped running by then and you are trying to get the entire studio crew in a few vans. The vans were having to make multiple runs back and forth but things have settled down and gotten much better.
On one of these nights, I got to ride in the Mercedes SUV with the producer, Fernando. He was very excited not to be in the van.
Today's picks are simple: Chile over Honduras because the Chile flag looks a lot like the Texas flag, Spain over Switzerland, and Uruguay over South Africa. Although I'd love for Bafana Bafana to prevail, South America, not ZA, is the soccer powerhouse.

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  1. Lays also makes tomato-flavored potato chips, I have a friend that's addicted to them. You can find them in Canada, apparently.