Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh No! I'm Acclimating...

I finally got a little rest last night after an extremely long day. As I might have mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to learn a little Zulu as most of the hotel staff, and other people we interact with around the IBC, speak something other than English.
Of course, native South Africans sort of have an English accent and certain words and phrases can have different connotations. Take care for instance really means watch out. It's more of a warning.
Yesterday, I spend the day in the studio for all of the segments for all three games. That's seven or eight hours. In visiting with the makeup guy, we talked about the city, places and things to do. We may have some time towards the end of the month to spend a few hours in the city.
This morning when I walked in he said, "Howsit". I had read about this greeting, but it's the first time anyone has used it. I'm in the inner circle now!
Today's picks are Netherlands over Denmark, Cameroon over Japan, and Italy over Paraguay. One hour to pregame!
Hey look, it's grafico operator fantastico Jenilee with Zakumi and Stig.

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