Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Did Play Sun City!

After almost thirty days of 12 plus hours a day, we sort of had a day off. Univision arranged a trip to Pilanesberg National Park (and game reserve), a fantastic lunch, and a few hours at Sun City.
It was a struggle to get up at 7:30 AM to make the bus but all of us on the late shift did and were really treated to an unbelievable experience.
The scenery driving to the park is not unlike a lot of West Texas in the mountainous region.
Once there we board 12 or 20 person vehicles with guides that took us through the park to see the animals.
Fifteen minutes in this is what we saw!
It's incredible to see these animals in their natural habitat. I was also very happy with my Cannon Sure Shoot, although not an expensive camera, it captured the scenes very well.
In all we saw monkeys, giraffes, hippos (though not very well), a herd of elephants from a distance, a pair of lions, and various caribou and wildebeasts.
Afterwards, we drove and had a really nice lunch buffet at the edge of the park in a hotel/resort place.
Another 30 minute drive dropped us off at Sun City and we saw the "palace" an wandered around for an hour or so.
This was a shot of a fountain at Sun City.
After that the Contacto crew headed back to the IBC to record last nights' show and we were back to the hotel by 1:00 AM.
Today is a short day but the games begin tomorrow so it's back into the old routine.
I'm very glad I had this opportunity to get out of the city and see a little more that is the splendor of South Africa.
Now if Capetown were just a little more accessible!

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