Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three To Go

     It's come down to three days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes... not that we are counting. Once again I took two days off of the blog and they were very enjoyable. On Thursday I went with a group to Bruma and finished my shopping for the trip.
     On Friday morning, I got up and went to the Apartheid Museum and spent several hours there. It was very similar to the Houston Holocaust Museum or the D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Visiting the sins of the past are always difficult, but because the time of apartheid was so very near in proximity, the museum was especially interesting.
     There was a wealth of video from the 80's and that particularly was gripping in a way that black and white film footage from World War II doesn't quite portray the immediacy of the time. I bought an interesting book on Steven Biko from his student writings and am looking forward to reading some of it on the flight back.
     It was curious that I was classified as a non-white to enter the museum.
     After resting for a few hours, it was back to the IBC to work on Contacto and a nice meal afterwards.
     I haven't totaled up my win/loss record on picking games but was disappointed that Germany didn't make it to the finals.
     For that reason, I will pick Alemania (Germany in spanish) to win today. I think if I spent another week here, I would probably be talking in Spanish exclusively. Something for Sean to look forward to when I get home.

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