Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One More Today, Two More and We're Outta Here

     We got in at noon today and several of us went and got egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches and enjoyed the sunshine out in the courtyard. It's now five hours later and the clouds have returned but it is still not as cold as it has been.
     I was surprised that most folks like myself are pretty much down to one meal on these work days. We get into the office, check and make sure things are working, and then walk over to the cafeteria and have a meal.
     Once the day get's later, things get busier and you may have a bag of chips or as I've been doing just a few times, a dessert. So while sitting around the table today, I found out pretty much everyone's clothes are a lot more loose.
     Fernando has walked in while I was composing today's blog so I asked him if he had any insights on Africa. He says the most interesting aspect is the honesty and friendly nature of the people even though some of them live in extreme poverty. He mentioned a story from one of the very first days when he was videotaping one of the hotel workers, and the gentlemen started dancing and explaining a wedding custom we did not know. He says the people are very open and not afraid to share their emotions.
Here's a shot of Fernando and Michelle on the bus ride to the IBC just this morning.
Everyone is starting to smile more knowing that the days here are coming to an end.
Bob and Erick are excited to not be crammed into one of the vans in the morning.

So the last bit of news we need to discuss is whether or not the German machine keeps rolling against Spain tonight.
I've explained that I have several German friends and just a few Spanish (from Spain) friends although I love Cervantes.
German makes it to the finals I'm convinced!

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